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Thursday, February 1, 2018

The Spirit-Led Leader

God's Letter to Us
How evangelicals read Scripture.
Mark Galli
It nearly goes without saying that evangelicals have a special relationship with the Bible. It's not the same as their personal relationship with Jesus Christ, but it can sometimes come close. For one thing, when we talk about "the Word," it is sometimes hard to tell if we're talking about the Bible or the person of Jesus, for we generally capitalize Word in either case. continue reading >>

Sponsored by Trinity Western University
Make An Impact with Leadership Skills Rooted in Scripture
Grow in confidence as a leader. Become effective in motivating and mobilizing others, and leave a legacy of vibrant Christian Communities.

Evangelism, Meet Soul Care
Why we need to love ourselves to effectively love our neighbor and share the gospel.
Six Ways to Support and Challenge Those Who Leave Church
How churchgoers can journey with their "done" brothers and sisters.
How Young African Americans are Fusing Faith and Activism
And how the church can help nurture their desire to integrate spirituality and social justice in fresh ways.
Dhati Lewis Is a Discipleship Nerd
The Atlanta pastor won't rest until all 281 members of his church are being discipled.
The Exchange
The Spirit-Led Leader
Part four of a new series
Constructive Criticism: The Day A Staff Member Told Me I Was Preaching Too Long
A healthy church fosters an atmosphere where people feel free to express their ideas openly — especially at the leadership level.

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