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Monday, February 5, 2018

Super Bowl LII Brings Bold Testimonies of Faith

To Defend Mideast Christians, Can Advocates Critique Islam?
Diaspora leaders in America disagree on how to improve religious freedom back home.
Jayson Casper In Cairo
What's the best way for Middle Eastern Christians in America to help fellow believers back home? A single misspelled email address inadvertently revealed the breadth of this dilemma for activists in the diaspora. continue reading >>

What Evangelicals Can Learn from George Lindbeck
Here's why one of the leaders of postliberalism believed conservative Protestants would carry the torch.
Why Most Mission Statements Fail In Smaller Churches
In a smaller church, instead of uniting people, a mission statement can feel controlling and manipulative.
The Exchange
Super Bowl LII Brings Bold Testimonies of Faith and Many Opportunities for Prayer
NFL players leverage their visibility to fight human trafficking and pediatric cancer.

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