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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

George Lindbeck saved my Christianity

Wyatt Tee Walker, Dr. King's strategist and a Harlem leader, dies at 88
The New York Times: The Rev. Wyatt Tee Walker, who was chief of staff to the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and a key strategist behind civil rights protests in the 1960s, died Tuesday.

George Lindbeck saved my Christianity
Christian Century: Although Matt Fitzgerald never met the man, the news of George Lindbeck's death hit him hard. Lindbeck changed his life.
Major evangelical leader says Trump gets a "mulligan" on Stormy Daniels affair
Vox: Family Research Council's Tony Perkins is just glad Trump will "punch" back at liberals.
Huffington Post: Franklin Graham praises Trump as staunch defender of Christianity 
When the religious doctor refuses to treat you
The Atlantic: The Trump administration is making it easier for medical providers to object to procedures on religious grounds. Will patients suffer as a result?

Little interest in religion
Inside Higher Ed: Students aren't exposed to many opportunities to engage spiritually once they enter college, a new study finds.

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