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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Died: George Lindbeck, Father of Postliberal Theology

Translating the N. T. Wright and David Bentley Hart Tussle
The recent dust-up between big name scholars reminds us how hard—and important—Bible translation can be.
Caleb Lindgren
Individual translations of the Bible have a long history in Western Christianity, stretching back to Jerome's Latin translation, the Vulgate. Notable members of this auspicious tradition include William Tyndale, John Wycliffe, and Martin Luther. Much more recently, figures such as Kenneth Taylor and Eugene Peterson have joined their ranks with popular paraphrases, while scholars such N. T. Wright have also produced more traditional translations. continue reading >>

Your Childhood Wounds May Be Hurting Your Marriage
Lessons from attachment theory on building secure and trusting intimacy.
Died: George Lindbeck, Father of Postliberal Theology
Nature of Doctrine author was a "missionary to postmodernity."
How Protestant Churches Are Involved with Adoption and Foster Care
Survey finds nondenominational ones are most active. But half of churchgoers say their church doesn't mention either issue.
No. I Don't Want To "Shut Down An Atheist In 15 Seconds Flat!"
We need to stop celebrating the Christian shut-down expert. Jesus gave us a better way.
The Exchange
20 Truths from Supernatural Power for Everyday People
Jared C. Wilson offers encouragement for experiencing God's extraordinary spirit in our ordinary lives.

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