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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Are Anglicans and Methodists really about to unite?

The moral and national danger of a president's cursing
Religion News Service: Theologically, there is a difference between profanity and cursing, says William J. Barber II. To curse is to pronounce harm and back it up with power.
NBC News: African-American pastors condemn Trump's vulgar remarks, call for social justice 
Losing my faith in philanthropy led me to rediscover its power to change the world for good
Quartz: Only philanthropy is free to pursue the Big Questions -- purpose, meaning, and truth -- in ways that governments or commercial enterprises cannot. But today's philanthropy can't do things the same old way, says Templeton World Charity Foundation president.

Are Anglicans and Methodists really about to unite after 200 years of schism?
Christian Today: It's crunch time for the Church of England and the Methodist Church, which are facing a crucial decision this year.

'An assault on the body of the Church'
The Atlantic: Catholic parishes have been hit hard by President Trump's decision to suspend Temporary Protected Status for Salvadorans.

Pope offers partial apology to victims but insists bishop did not cover up abuse
Associated Press: Pope Francis has apologized for insisting that victims of paedophile priests show "proof" to be believed, but doubled down on his defense of a Chilean bishop.

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