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Friday, December 15, 2017

The Sanctification Gap

Two Marvelous Truths Help Me Say No to Sexual Sin
As a same-sex-attracted woman married to a man, I was struggling to ward off temptation on my own power. Then God showed me I didn't have to.
Rachel Gilson
In October of this year I had the privilege of publicly sharing my story of coming to Christ from a background of same-sex attraction and atheism. The response to that story was deeply personal for many. A great number of readers; some straight, most not; wrote to ask me about what my married life looked like now. Specifically, how did I live with an attraction to women that had not been taken away, while following Christ and married to a man? This piece is an attempt to show how God has met me in this. continue reading >>

Speaking Out
Yes, 100 Christian Kids Are Being Raised by Muslim Families. Here's the Actual Problem.
The real threat to foster children in the UK (and the US) lies within our own hearts.
Under Discussion
Should the Lord's Prayer Be Changed?
Experts weigh in on the Pope's recent choice to support a change to the wording "lead us not into temptation."
The Exchange
How #BlackWomen Saved Evangelicalism
For Black Christians, sexual harassment and assault are as much of a gospel issue as abortion.
Michael Wear's Uneasy Call to Politics
Obama's former director of faith outreach left the White House frustrated but hopeful.
Pastors Who Have Flamed Out, Traded Down, Or Stayed Strong
We seldom�celebrate consistency, integrity and humility as much as we should. But those are the character traits that make for real ministry success.
The Exchange
The Sanctification Gap
The call to die is really a call to experience life the way we were meant to.

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