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Friday, December 15, 2017

Alabama fallout: Does character count?

Alabama fallout: Does character count?
Religion News Service: If anything decisive can be said about the Alabama race, it's that African-American Christians, who also very often consider themselves evangelical, turned out in force.
Quartz: Two maps explain the racial history behind Alabama's senate vote

The urgent, lonely, relevant, humbling, joyful, experience of being a newly ordained priest
America: Brendan Busse never wanted to be a priest. But here he is. Newly minted Father Brendan, and still wondering how he got here.

The Luther legend
The New Republic: The idea that one man brought about the Protestant Reformation obscures a much longer history of dissent, Marilynne Robinson says.

Nobody is laughing at the Religious Left in 2017
Think Progress: Trump and the Religious Right have made the Religious Left unavoidable.

Is the new way to give a better way to give?
The Atlantic: Donor-advised funds are gaining popularity, but charities may be losing out.

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