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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

What “Hate” and “Bigotry” Mean Today

Why Does the Left Hate Women So Much?

Elise Ehrhard

I once took a Soviet film class where we were introduced to the brilliant propaganda of Sergei Eisenstein and the later films of “the thaw.” The “thaw” period in the Soviet bloc was marked by films that included elements or subjects no one would have dared touch just a few years prior. What was one […]

What “Hate” and “Bigotry” Mean Today

James Kalb

Everyone seems to agree that haters and bigots are bad people. The belief makes some sense. If someone’s way of viewing others is based on aversions that don’t regard truth or justice then it’s basically malicious, at least in the extreme cases the words “hate” and “bigotry” suggest. So it seems that Catholics can buy […]

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