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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Packing in the Pews: The Close Connection Between God and Guns

What John Wesley Would Say to Bernie Sanders and Diane Feinstein
The post-Reformation theologian has suggestions for post-Christian America.
Jake Raabe Kate Shellnutt
Religious diversity has always been an American value, but this idea has moved from diversity amongst different primarily Christian groups to a much broader and more visible diversity in the last few decades, due both to fairer immigration policies and the lessening of explicitly Christian influences over national power structures. In the midst of these changes, Americans have had to re-affirm our commitment to religious diversity in a society that is becoming religiously diverse in increasingly tangible ways. And, I would argue, we haven't done this particularly well at the political level. continue reading >>

Packing in the Pews: The Close Connection Between God and Guns
Ministry leaders more likely than evangelicals overall to favor more gun control.
CT Pastors
How to Transform Ministry Disappointment into Hope
What you are doing matters, even when fruit appears to be scarce.
The Exchange
In the Game: Reflections on Sports, Momentum, and the First Rural Matters Conference
Jesus, rural ministry, and football

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