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Friday, September 29, 2017

What sets rural churches apart?

'Jesus in the Theology of Rowan Williams' by Brett Gray
Church Times: In this fine study, Brett Gray draws Rowan Williams' diffuse and diverse writings on Christology into coherent and systematic shape.

What sets rural churches apart? It's not politics, money, or theology
The Daily Yonder: The real difference is the resilience that comes from generations of families committed to one place.

Why Pope Francis is reviving a long tradition of local variations in Catholic services
The Conversation: A liturgy expert explains that until the 12th century, local bishops made decisions on Catholic liturgical practices and Catholic Mass used vernacular languages. How did that change?

Religion News Service: Evangelicals still have a lot to learn, both about what we should be trying to accomplish in our activism and about how we go about social and political advocacy, says Richard Mouw.

Vox: The macho Christianity behind American sports culture, explained.
The (London) Guardian: Like the prophets of old, Colin Kaepernick uses prayer as protest

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