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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

On the Blithe Ignorance about the National Anthem

On the Blithe Ignorance about the National Anthem

Fr. George W. Rutler

The current Neo-Puritanical mania for tearing down statues and stifling free speech by cultural ingĂ©nues ignorant of history and logic, has reached a stellar absurdity in demands to censure “The Star Spangled Banner” on lame claims that it is racist and advertises bigotry. Given the low level of contemporary culture, and the remarkable fact that […]

Is the Universe a Hologram? Well…

Regis Nicoll

In a criticism of creation and intelligent design, Carl Sagan famously quipped, “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.” What bypassed the critical filters of the late science popularizer is that the extraordinary theories concocted by materialistic scientists not only lack extraordinary evidence, they lack any evidence, and in some cases, any possibility for evidence. Panspermia, parallel […]

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