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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

7 Principles to Lead as Jesus Led

Let's Save the University from Secular Privilege
The academy has lost its pluralism. Here's how the church can help find it.
Andrea Palpant Dilley
Mary Poplin, who teaches at the Claremont Graduate University in Claremont, California, has spent most of her professional career studying education, worldviews, and most recently, the subject of "secular exclusivity," which in her opinion has played a significant part in the SFL case and others like it. The author of Is Reality Secular?: Testing the Assumptions of Four Global Worldviews, Poplin, along with Barry Kanpol, recently edited a collection of essays titled Christianity and the Secular Border Patrol: The Loss of Judeo-Christian Knowledge. She sat down with CT in Austin, Texas, to talk about the rising secularity in higher education — and what the church can do about it. continue reading >>

'First Reformed' Imagines a Stunning Dark Night of the Soul
At long last, Paul Schrader's cinematic masterpiece.
The Exchange
7 Principles to Lead as Jesus Led
We can draw inspiration from the ways that Jesus led.

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