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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

To do new things well, congregations must learn

Continuing a long tradition of service and good works, St. Thomas Episcopal Church in Dubois, Wyoming, is an essential part of the town's religious life -- and its community life as well.

An effective learning process almost always begins with comprehensively yet succinctly naming the challenge at hand, the president of the Indianapolis Center for Congregations says in this interview about his new book.

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Preparing colleagues to do an organization's future work, while also making a meaningful contribution in the present, is the job of a supervisor, writes the executive director of Leadership Education at Duke Divinity.

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An environmental justice activist from Lowndes County, Alabama, talks about the intersection of civil rights, history, environmental activism and the fight for poor people across the country.

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Caring for her 87-year-old mother has helped deepen the faith of an Episcopal laywoman.

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On the verge of burnout, a hyperbusy 'Martha' goes on a retreat, hoping to channel her inner 'Mary' -- but finds it hard to let go of her Martha-like ways.

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