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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Pope Francis's new man in Newark

Pope Francis's new man in Newark
The New Yorker: Like the Roman pontiff himself, Joseph Tobin represents a humane and magnanimous alternative to the dominant American Catholic hierarchy.

There is now a dramatic generational divide over white evangelical attitudes on gay marriage
The Washington Post: A new survey shows a dramatic shift in attitudes toward favoring gay marriage among a younger generation of white evangelicals, a group considered to be one of the most conservative on the issue.

The Supreme Court strikes down a major church-state barrier
The Atlantic: Trinity Lutheran v. Comer finds that governments can't discriminate against churches that would otherwise qualify for funding just because they're religious institutions.
The Washington Post: The Supreme Court's four big announcements today on religion

Analysis: Congregations can't make up for proposed federal budget cuts
Religion News Service: A non-profit has calculated that every religious congregation in the U.S. -- Christian or otherwise -- would have to raise an additional $714,000 every year for the next 10 years to make up for the 2018 budget cuts President Trump has proposed.

30 years after Edwards v. Aguillard: Why creationism lingers in public schools
The Conversation: Thirty years after the Supreme Court ruled that creationism cannot be required in schools, 'creation science' is still taught in some schools. What are the implications for climate education?

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