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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Soul-searching at Princeton Theological Seminary

Soul-searching at Princeton Theological Seminary
Religion News Service: The entire episode wasn't really about Tim Keller. It was about the challenge of being a diverse community and our desire for belonging, says Jeff Chu.

Thousands of Christians expected for rapturous Holy Fire ceremony
Religion News Service: On Saturday, Orthodox Christians will crowd the Church of the Holy Sepulchre to watch the Greek Orthodox patriarch emerge from the structure surrounding Jesus' tomb with two lit candles.

Is temptation such a bad thing?
The Conversation: In the run-up to Lent many Christians strengthen themselves against temptation as they prepare to celebrate Easter. Is temptation such a bad thing?

Catholics build 'intentional' community of like-minded believers
NPR: In a Maryland suburb, Catholics seeking more spiritual lives are banding together with others who share their values.

If humble people make the best leaders, why do we fall for charismatic narcissists?
Harvard Business Review: When we choose humble, unassuming people as our leaders, the world around us becomes a better place. So, why do we keep over-glorifying leaders who exude charisma.

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