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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Churches need 'gift of administration'

The United Airlines debacle isn't about customer service. It's about the morality of capitalism.
America: When we watch the video of the event something in us says, "That's not right." Pay attention to that feeling. It is our conscience speaking, says James Martin, S.J.

Global restrictions on religion rise modestly in 2015, reversing downward trend
Pew Forum: Government harassment and use of force against religious groups surge as record number of refugees enter Europe.

Trump, Syria and just war theory
Religion News Service: The sad state of affairs for religion and public life in the United States doesn't mean Christian social teaching has nothing to offer the current moment.

Churches need 'gift of administration'
National Catholic Reporter: New book's primary audience is pastors, but any administrator -- church or secular - would benefit from it. Its message on the vocation of administrative service is universal.

Present in his grace
Commonweal: Does religious art lose its potency when we know its maker didn't believe? Or at least, wasn't sure?

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