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Sunday, April 2, 2017

MAKE Garden Cafe Project in North Park

St. Luke's North Park

God is good!  We have some pieces of exciting news to share.

One of our Congolese choir members and his family are featured in a Union-Tribune article and video -- check it out here!

We were honored to host Amikas, an affordable housing advocacy nonprofit, as it put on a "sleeping cabins" demonstration project on our vacant lot in March.  They managed to influence the public conversation about homelessness during this important effort by inviting local service providers and policymakers to see these emergency shelters.  Check out their Union-Tribune article here and Councilmember Chris Ward's mention of these sleeping cabins in his homelessness memo to the City Council.  On the last day of the demonstration project our congregation celebrated with singing -- listen to the video here.

In a breathtaking transition, the area that hosted sleeping cabins last month is now the site for a growing number of garden beds!  With our partner, the International Rescue Committee, some fifty volunteers began the process of preparing the lot for a three year refugee job training project involving urban farming and culinary arts.  More info and a way to support that project here.

We've also helped to nurture a refugee mentoring program called Sumitra San Diego that will be holding its first training this Wednesday evening.  Perhaps you'd consider checking out this meeting as well to learn more about refugee resettlement and how you can help a recent refugee family.

Did you know there's an easy way to make monthly contributions to our work?  A commitment of $5, $20, or $100 a month -- whatever amount works best for you --  is greatly appreciated.  Click here for more info.  And many thanks to so many of you who are already supporting us in so many ways!!

Christ's peace, Laurel and Colin - Pastors of the congregation at St. Luke's on 30th Street

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