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Monday, April 3, 2017

The Christian fake news problem

Crisis for Church of England as older female churchgoers pass away
Christian Today: Research finds that volunteer work by 70,000 older women effectively keeps the Church of England from collapse. There is no evidence that younger people are coming up to replace them.

The Christian fake news problem
National Catholic Reporter: Easter is a reminder that the church's founding event was first labeled "fake news" by Jesus' followers.

Evangelicals are falling in love with Passover -- is there anything wrong with that?
Forward: In some Christian circles, the holiday has become extremely popular, but Christian observance of Passover has come under fire from mainstream Jews and some other Christians too.

The other Billy Graham rules
Christianity Today: There's not just one Billy Graham rule. There are four. They deal with money, sex, power, and lies and were part of something known as the Modesto Manifesto.

How taxpayers pay for religious education
Indianapolis Star: Indiana's GOP-driven voucher program allows religious schools to receive public funds, while also rejecting students who don't affirm certain religious precepts - and impose religious requirements on those who are accepted.

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