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Friday, March 17, 2017

The Real St. Patrick

A Critical Care Surgeon Meets the Great Physician
I felt distant from God until I witnessed a medical miracle.
Kathryn L. Butler
I thrived on the urgency of the emergency room — the chaos, the opportunities to reach people in dire moments. Yet as I placed my patient's central venous line, I struggled to focus. I thought of his four-year-old son in footed pajamas, and the images of brutality he might never forget. continue reading >>

Christian History
The Real St. Patrick
A look at the famous saint, and his strategic missions.
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The Rise and Struggle of South Korean Missionaries
How the East Asian church approaches missions 10 years after a devastating hostage crisis.
How Churches Can Give Sanctuary and Still Support the Law
800 congregations are working to protect undocumented immigrants. A leader with the New Sanctuary Movement says yours should be one of them.
Why Doesn't God Answer My Non-Stupid Prayers?
When you're in pain, even good, thoughtful ideas about why God sometimes doesn't answer our prayers can feel trite and fall short.

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