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Friday, March 17, 2017

Now is the time for married priests

The unbearable whiteness of American Lent
Religion Dispatches: Anita Little doesn't see herself or her people in the American observance of Lent because the black experience in America is already "Lent."

Sanctuary for the undocumented comes with legal consequences
Religion News Service: Some religious leaders are preaching caution rather than participation.

What would Thomas Merton and Daniel Berrigan say about the Benedict option?
America: James T. Keane wonders, what would these three Jeremiahs -- Merton, Berrigan and Stringellow -- have added to the debate?

Now is the time for married priests
National Catholic Reporter: It is time for the Catholic bishops to stop hoping for an increase in vocations to the celibate priesthood and to acknowledge that the church needs married priests to serve the people of God, Thomas Reese says.

As Songs of Praise viewers will find out, the market is bad at doing religion
The (London) Guardian: The BBC's outsourcing of its flagship religious program to a private production company is a portent of where the corporation is heading, Giles Fraser says.

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