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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Join the work of transformation

by NCR Editorial Staff
We say: It was in a fitting place, a Catholic high school gymnasium, and among the appropriate people, grassroots organizers from around the globe attending the World Meeting of Popular Movements, that leaders of the Catholic Church in the United States recently found a newly determined voice - and the message - to help guide us through the current period of social turmoil and threats to human dignity.
by Kimberly Winston, Religion News Service
'Believer': Maybe it was the moment the nearly naked, ash-smeared guru asked Reza Aslan, the religion scholar and best-selling author, to eat a piece of human brain. Or maybe it was when the same guru, camped on the banks of the Ganges River at the crematory city of Varanasi, India, smeared human ashes on Aslan's face and hair.

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