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Saturday, March 4, 2017

St. Luke's North Park - March 2017 UPDATE

God is good!  We have few pieces of exciting news to share.

This month we'll be offering a local nonprofit use of our vacant for a "tiny homes" demonstration project.  (Details here.)  No one will live in the houses, and they'll only be up for a few weeks, but it will give Amikas, an affordable housing advocacy organization, a platform to show these amazingly sturdy and affordable structures while they tell our local elected officials how urgent it is to provide humane emergency shelter for our city's homeless.  We are blessed to participate in this prophetic action.  And then we'll be opening up our lot for our refugee job training program with the International Rescue Committee starting in April.

The women's bible study we've launched for our Sudanese parishioners has been well attended, and they've asked us to organize a more social gathering as well . . . with Zumba!  A number of Zumba instructors have generously volunteered their time and skill, so we'll be enjoying a first adventure in Zumba together next Saturday.

We've also helped to nurture a refugee mentoring program called Sumitra San Diego that will be holding its first meeting this Wednesday evening.  We've received 24 RSVPs so far through our publicity on Facebook and NextDoor.  Perhaps you'd consider checking out this meeting as well?  The San Diego Union Tribune has been in touch about a story on this next week, which is encouraging.  There has been such a swell of positive energy in support of refugees since the president's executive order -- we're hoping this program will help folks channel that energy into a constructive, even life-changing relationship with a family living under very different circumstances than themselves.

If you have a chance, please consider supporting our work financially here.  And many thanks to so many of you who are already supporting us in so many ways!!

Christ's peace,

Laurel and Colin

P.S. Listen to how we end our worship each week!

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