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Monday, February 27, 2017

Rome's Anglican pastor

Humility is the first step to unity, Pope tells Catholics, Anglicans

by Elise Harris
During his Sunday visit to Rome’s Anglican parish of All Saints, Pope Francis voiced gratitude for the good relations Catholics and Anglicans now enjoy, and said that on the path toward full communion, humility has to be the point of departure.

God is faithful – trust him and don’t worry, Pope Francis says

by Elise Harris
While earthly pleasures such as power and money bring temporary satisfaction, they are ultimately fleeting and deceptive, Pope Francis said Sunday, explaining that God alone is faithful and in trusting him, we have nothing to worry about.

Is the Catholic Church anti-woman? Two feminist scholars debate

By Maggie Maslak
For Erika Bachiochi, the Catholic Church has been able to offer a genuine pro-woman theology which not only safeguards and protects her stance as a feminist, but also enhances her ability to be strong in all aspects of her life.

Rome's Anglican pastor: Papal visit an exciting, but normal, step

By Elise Harris
Pope Francis will tomorrow become the first Roman Pontiff to set foot in an Anglican parish in Rome, marking a symbolic act the church’s pastor said is hugely significant, yet surprisingly normal for two communities that are close to one another.

Are MidEast youth losing the virtue of hope?

Elise Harris

Marriage prep should be more than just a few courses, Pope tells priests

by Elise Harris
On Saturday Pope Francis told a group of parish priests training on the new marriage annulment process to place strong emphasis on good preparation that isn’t limited to just a few courses, but extends even to the first few years after marriage.

Cincinnati Catholics hope to give Church a megaphone on racial, social problems

By Matt Hadro
Catholics in Cincinnati are hoping that an upcoming meeting of bishops and leaders will give the local Church a much stronger voice to address issues of racism and violence.

Archbishop Chaput and his new book are coming to NYC, DC

Philadelphia’s Archbishop Charles Chaput will present his latest book in New York City and Washington, D.C. in the near future, discussing the changed situation for Catholicism in America.

Supreme Court hears case of Mexican teen shot at border

By Matt Hadro
The Supreme Court this week heard oral arguments in the case of a Mexican teen shot dead by a border patrol agent. But when it comes to legal standing in the case, the situation is far from clear.

Elderly Spanish priest beaten during rectory robbery

Fr. Arturo López, 77, was brutally beaten by three masked men during an assault on Wednesday at the rectory of Saint Peter and Saint Paul Church in Coslada, a city in Spain's Community of Madrid.

New immigration rules will hurt the vulnerable, US bishops warn

The Trump administration’s new border and immigration enforcement rules needlessly endanger the vulnerable, militarize the border and will cause many other problems, the U.S. bishops warned this week.

Access to water is a basic human right, concerns 'the common good'

By Hannah Brockhaus
A Vatican seminar on water held this week highlighted the complex challenges faced around the world in making the basic human right to water a reality for all people.

Gratitude is central, Pope Francis tells Spanish footballers

Meeting with the members of the Spanish football team Villarreal CF on Thursday, Pope Francis stressed the importance of gratitude in the life of an athlete.

Vatican 'goes shopping' in Italy earthquake zones to help local economy

by Elise Harris
In a bid to help local economies in the zones ravaged by several major earthquakes in 2016 recover, the Vatican this week purchased produce from several small farmers in the area, using it to feed the poor and homeless in Rome.

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