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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

African Pilgrims Pour into Uganda for Martyrs Day

Meet the Man Behind the Bono and Eugene Peterson Conversation
If church leaders and artists have been estranged in western culture, then David Taylor is helping to lead them into a more blissful union.
Andrea Palpant Dilley
In the short film The Psalms, Eugene and Jan Peterson welcome an unusual visitor to their lakeside cabin in Montana—Bono. Peterson is the author whose Bible paraphrase The Message has sold millions of copies. Bono is a global activist who sings with an Irish rock band. The two sit together at a table, sipping tea and talking about their shared love of the psalms. Watching them interact is like seeing "a 12-cylinder Maserati next to a horse-drawn carriage," says the film's producer, but the contrast is what makes the conversation so interesting.... continue reading >>

The Exchange
"Lord, I Thank Thee That I am not Like Those Evangelical Trump Supporters"
Religious scorn should not flow from our voting choices.
The Exchange
3 Church Methods That Need to Change
Church methods have to change for churches to remain effective.
The Local Church
AMC's 'Preacher' Is Violent, Vulgar—and Surprisingly Churchy. Is It Redeemable?
Our review of the dark comedy's pilot episode.
African Pilgrims Pour into Uganda for Martyrs Day
President wants Protestants to replicate the tourism success of Catholics.

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