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Thursday, February 11, 2016

How about giving up new books for Lent?

Europe's churches find new spirit from unexpected source: Muslim refugees
Christian Science Monitor: Though Protestant and Catholic churches have aided refugees from the Mideast out of altruism, doing so has also ginned up enthusiasm among congregants -- and even spurred some refugees to convert.

5 ways we misjudge our pastor's job roles
Christian Today: Many people -- even Christians -- can tend to expect too much or even expect the wrong things from people who work for the body of Christ at a vocational level.

How about giving up new books for Lent?
Christian Science Monitor: The idea comes from author Susan Hill, who once went for a whole year without buying new books for her home library.

Henry VIII's chapel hosts Catholic prayers for the first time in 450 years
Religion News Service: For the first time in 450 years, a citadel of Protestant worship in England -- the Chapel Royal at Hampton Court Palace -- echoed to the sound of Roman Catholic prayers and music.

Catholic bishops not obliged to report clerical child abuse, Vatican says
The (London) Guardian: Vatican guide says 'not necessarily' bishop's duty to report suspects to police despite Pope Francis's vows to redress Catholic church's legacy of child abuse.

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