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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

When God Hits Below the Belt

Meet the Dutch Christians Who Saved Their Jewish Neighbors from the Nazis
Diet Eman endured Hitler's occupation separated from her fiance, Hein Sietsma. But apart, they served in the Dutch Underground—saving at least 60 Jews from certain death.
Suzanne Burden
Pop-pop-pop! Diet Eman lay awake in her bed. Who could be beating their rugs at this hour? It was early morning on May 10, 1940. Hours before, Hitler had announced that he would respect the neutrality that the Netherlands had maintained during World War I. As the popping continued, Eman and her parents scrambled.... continue reading >>

When God Hits Below the Belt
Sometimes he pulls us into the ring—but he always gives us grace to endure.
'Racial Indifference Is Not Hate... but It Is Not Love, Either'
Why it matters that our organizations proclaim Black Lives Matter
The Exchange
The Importance of Gospel-Centered Teaching in Children's Ministry
Children's ministry leaders weigh in on why it is important that they teach children in a gospel-centered way.

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