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Monday, January 4, 2016

A Year Without Resolutions

A Message for China's Policy-Makers: Love Doesn't Stop at Two
Why China's two-child policy is barely better than its one-child policy.
Matt Reynolds
For more than three decades, China has enforced draconian restrictions on family size. Now, after a sudden shift announced in late October, China will enforce slightly less draconian restrictions. The country's notorious one-child policy has become a two-child policy. It's a modest retreat from the oppressive status quo... continue reading >>

Streams of Joy: Into the Heart of Gilmore Girls Devotion
The creator and co-host of the Gilmore Guys podcast reflects on a year of unexpected success.
All the Justice Money Can Buy
From the 'affluenza' teen to Steven Avery, there's a reason we care so much about a fair trial.
A Year Without Resolutions
The shift from "achieving" to simply "being."
The Exchange
Religious Liberty for All: My Article at RNS
How should Christians think about religious liberty? I wrote about it yesterday for Religion News Service.

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