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Monday, January 25, 2016

The New Morality: Raising Kids in a Confused Culture

Playing Through the Shadow of Death
A recent video game invites us into a family tragedy—and offers a glimmer of hope.
Kevin Schut
Imagine holding a screaming child who is badly dehydrated but unable to keep anything in his stomach, the combined poison of chemotherapy and cancer coursing through his veins. You try desperately to comfort him, and nothing works. Imagine that same child on a different day, playful, sharing his beautiful laugh freely, unable to speak properly because of his brain tumors. What visions fly through his head? What visions does he see that you cannot? That Dragon, Cancer is a special kind of video game... continue reading >>

How 'No Country for Old Men' and 'Spotlight' Help Me Serve a Broken Church
Do I really want to count myself among Christians if they let injustice continue?
Messages from the Edge: Suicide Notes on Social Media
How Facebook turns the left-behind into horrified witnesses.
The exchange
Modes of Mission: Applying Biblical Mission Practices in Our Ministry
We have examined three modes of mission in Scripture. Let's apply them to today's churches.
Dispatch from Sundance: 'Agnus Dei'
A must-see film that quietly suggests a surprising answer to the problem of evil.
Sundance Diary — Day 3: 'Love and Friendship,' 'Certain Women,' and 'Mammal'
The third day included films led by women as they deal with grief, desire, and the absurdity of life.
Sundance Diary — Day 2: 'Operation Avalanche,' 'River of Grass,' and 'Jim'
What makes a hero? What makes for notoriety? Today's films weigh in.
Sundance Diary — Day 1: 'Agnus Dei,' 'Sophie and the Rising Sun,' and 'Maggie's Plan'
On screeners, interracial romance in the 1940s, and ficto-critical anthropologists run amok.
Book Review
When Being Pro-Life Didn't Make You a Republican
Journeying back to America before Roe v. Wade is like entering The Twilight Zone.
The exchange
Religion in America: An Interview With Greg Smith of the Pew Research Center
Greg Smith, of Pew Research Center, recently shared his perspective on religion in the United States with me.
The exchange
The New Morality: Raising Kids in a Confused Culture
Parenting amidst a rapidly-changing culture can be terrifying. We must rest in Jesus.
Wheaton Faculty Council Unanimously Asks College To Keep Larycia Hawkins
(UPDATED) Here's how Wheaton's provost answers whether Christians and Muslims worship the 'same God.'

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