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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Spark your theological (and practical) imagination

A Washington, D.C.-based cooperative offers a self-sustaining model that generates revenue for struggling churches and nonprofits.  > Read more

Values, vision and information are important for organizations seeking to band together to purchase goods and services, say experts in the field.

In churches, as in the workplace, generational differences are a challenge. Understanding those differences helps congregations ask the right questions, says the author of two books on generational issues.

In order for churches to be provocative and compelling spaces for young people to encounter God, it is not enough to repackage traditional programs, writes a PCUSA pastor. But how do churches come up with ideas?

Many leaders think they don’t have the time to help others understand their work within the larger mission of an organization. But they do, and they should, writes a managing director at Leadership Education at Duke Divinity.

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The fiery prophet John the Baptist offers both company and challenge for a pastor transitioning from seminary into settled parish life.

Being the professional director of a family foundation requires a special set of skills, including deep listening and understanding why others hold the positions they do, says the president of Oak Foundation.

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Join a learning community of new Christian leaders at Foundations of Christian Leadership. Explore your gifts and cultivate the practices essential for spurring transformation within Christian organizations. Participants may apply for a $5,000 Innovation Grant to design and implement experiments in their institutions. Apply by Feb. 19 to join our New England cohort.

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