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Friday, January 22, 2016

Pope Francis opens foot-washing rite to women

Backing their colleague
Inside Higher Ed: At Wheaton in Illinois, faculty members are asking the college to drop its case against a professor who said Muslims and Christians worship the same God. Will the administration listen?
The Washington Post: Can Wheaton College survive its never-ending controversy over Muslim and Christian worship?

Gender gap in clergy pay is 'shameful,' say some Baptist women
Baptist News Global: Bureau of Labor Statistics data show that women clergy make 76 cents for every dollar that male clergy are paid.

Pope Francis opens foot-washing rite to women in gesture of inclusion
Religion News Service: In a change that quickly set the Catholic world buzzing, Pope Francis is allowing priests to wash the feet of women and anyone else in the community on Holy Thursday and not just men, as church law had previously decreed.

To make a case against Islamic State's cultural vandalism, Western armies must set an example
The Economist: The world was shocked by this week's revelation that a 1,400-year-old monastery in Iraq had been razed to the ground by Islamic State (IS). It raises broader questions about the way historical and spiritual monuments are treated in war zones. To make a convincing case against IS, Western governments need to demonstrate their own respect for vulnerable heritage.

Headbanging in the house of God: Rio congregation worships with heavy metal
The Guardian: Religion and rock harmonize at MetanĂ³ia chapel, part of a growing evangelical movement that subverts Brazilian stereotypes of Catholicism and favela violence.

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