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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

What Donald Trump gets wrong about Christian theology

Francis: World close to suicide over climate change
National Catholic Reporter: While Pope Francis has expressed hope that world leaders will find solutions to the problem of climate change, he has also said the inaction on the issue up to now is approaching global suicide.

You know you're ready for young people if…
United Methodist Reporter: Here's a 10-point checklist, with a bonus 11th point, to help you know if you are truly ready for young people. Or just wish you were.

America: The Catholic millennial: 21 questions for Christopher J. Hale 

Fear, faith and the rise of Ben Carson
Washington Post: To some conservative evangelicals, Ben Carson is the only candidate who fully grasps what they see as the one reality that matters most -- that America has fallen away from God.

What Donald Trump gets wrong about Christian theology
Washington Post: Despite Donald Trump's insistence that conversion “doesn't happen that way,” in Christian history, it has often happened that way.

You won't win a war against Isis if you don't know what the peace looks like
The (London) Guardian: War can only be moral if it ultimately aims at some greater peaceful purpose. Without this, not a single innocent death can be justified, says Giles Fraser.

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