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Friday, November 20, 2015

resist the urge to claim an eye for an eye

After the Paris attacks we must resist the urge to claim an eye for an eye
The (London) Guardian: René Girard's answer to mimetic violence is that we have to break the cycle by refusing to mirror our enemies, Giles Fraser says.

Australian Broadcasting Corporation: On (not) responding to terror with terror

Flannery O'Connor: Finding God in human messiness
U.S. Catholic: Flannery O'Connor's gospel gaze would see through all of this folly, finding sin just about everywhere and God's grace not far behind, Ted Rosean says.

Religion is changing, fellowship too
Harvard Gazette: Millennials are creating their own style of community, say authors of “How We Gather.”

Washington Post: For millennials, first comes love -- then what?
Aeon: The Amish are online, onscreen, and multiplying fast. In their battle with modernity, it's tough to say who's winning.

Another kind of conversion: Former church buildings in Pittsburgh region find new life
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: High ceilings, tons of light, open spaces -- what more could an art gallery, community center, live music venue or photo studio want?

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