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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

War Is Hell. But It Can Be Heaven.

Don't Call Him Kanye's Pastor
Rich Wilkerson Jr., a Pentecostal church-planter with famous friends, gets his own reality show.
Kate Shellnutt
People magazine and E! Network dubbed 31-year-old Rich Wilkerson Jr. a "hipster celebrity pastor," after he officiated hip-hop artist Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's wedding last year. Since then, the second-generation Pentecostal preacher... continue reading >>

Ponder Christian Soldiers
War Is Hell. But It Can Be Heaven.
Why soldiers crave the extremes of active duty.
Pastors and Pews Vastly Disagree on Discipleship Success
On behalf of The Navigators and NavPress, Barna Group studies the state of Protestant spiritual growth.
Offense Welcome: Please Debate This Article
When "I feel" began to overtake "I think" in my classroom, I took a closer look at disagreeing well.
The Exchange
Responding to the MTV Report on Our Abortion Data: A Guest Post by Scott McConnell
Are most women who get abortions Christians?

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