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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Orthodox rabbis' statement calls Christianity part of God's plan

How Catholic leaders are defying governors who are trying to block refugees
Washington Post: The Catholic Church is pledging assistance to Syrian refugees seeking resettlement in the United States, thwarting attempts by governors to prevent an influx of refugees from the war-torn nation.

Don't call it “prayer shaming”: our moral failure exposed
Religion Dispatches: Pointing out a national moral failure and theological treason is not “prayer shaming,” says Willie Dwayne Francois.

Orthodox rabbis' statement calls Christianity part of God's plan
Religion News Service: A statement by a group of Orthodox rabbis calls Christianity part of a divine plan in which God would have Jews and Christians work together to redeem the world.

‘Spotlight’ shows importance of investigative reporting
National Catholic Reporter: As newspapers struggle to stay alive, what media outlets will be left to give citizens the information they need to hold their governments, their civic organizations and their faith communities accountable?

Great leaders know they're not perfect
Harvard Business Review: Fearing exposure as a fraud, many leaders overcompensate with extreme attempts at flawlessness. There are three common, but mistaken, beliefs they share.

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