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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Why the world still needs nonprofits

Patriarchal villains? It's time to re-think St Paul and St Augustine
New Statesman: Paul and Augustine are blamed for any number of historical outrages. But on questions like slavery and empire, they were more progressive than many credit, says Rowan Williams.

Why the world still needs nonprofits
The Conversation: Giving cash directly to the needy is a growing trend, but in most cases it's not nearly as effective as funneling donations through a charity with “boots on the ground.”

Defying stereotypes, Jewish life in the South is flourishing
Forward: Although there is some truth to the cliché of the dying, small Southern Jewish community, there are also plenty of new small communities springing up and flourishing across the South.

The temptation of Baylor
Inside Higher Ed: Baylor University has one of the top football teams in the country. It's also the world's largest Baptist university. Can the two identities coexist without serious compromise?

Who could possibly replace Bach?
The Economist: It is a rather big deal that the St Thomas Church of Leipzig, Johann Sebastian Bach's employer for 27 years, is about to appoint his first 21st-century successor.

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