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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Called-Out Chump to Christian Rapper

Tedashii: How I Went from Called-Out Chump to Christian Rapper
And all because a stranger got in my face to explain the gospel.
I grew up thinking I was the good kid. I believed that most of my life. I never got into a lot of trouble, and never saw myself going down a wrong path. As a kid who attended church occasionally while growing up near Houston, everyone looked at me and said as much. My family and I sat in pews on certain Sundays throughout the year, so I quickly learned the church's traditions, but... continue reading >>

Is Germany's Refugee Crisis a Muslim Mission Field?
A three million-strong Christian denomination says a "strategic mission" to convert Muslims goes against "the spirit" of Jesus.
The Exchange
Multiplication is Impossible Without Intentionality
If 7-Eleven is intentional about multiplications, shouldn't churches be?
From Tent City to Tiny Houses
Churches try hip solution to aid the homeless.
Want to Be a Servant? Dress Like One.
How my life uniform helped me to consider the needs of others above my own.
The Exchange
When We Love Outrage More Than People: Starbucks Cups and You
It's not Starbucks' job to share the love of Jesus. It's your job.

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