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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Pope Francis ‘prepared to battle’

6 questions we need to answer about clergy formation
Patheos: Churches and seminaries need to work together to create an ecology of formation that will promote the results both believe is important to the work that clergy do, says Frederick Schmidt.

Pope Francis ‘prepared to battle’ on Vatican reform, senior cardinal says
Religion News Service: Despite intense opposition from some conservatives and new revelations of financial scandals in the Vatican, Pope Francis is at peace with the reformist course he has set for the Catholic Church, adviser says.

‘We need to talk about Jesus’: cue cringing embarrassment
The (London) Guardian: A Church of England report shows non-Christians don't like evangelism. In fact, such proselytizing actually puts them off religion.

The (London) Telegraph: Talking about Christianity could just put people off -- Church of England signals 

Can I be buried next to my Jewish husband?
BBC: While child-rearing and marriage are endlessly discussed, the question of how mixed families deal with the end of life remains in the shadows.

“Leadership qualities” vs. competence: which matters more?
Harvard Business Review: There's sometimes a disconnect between how we talk about leadership qualities and what we actually require from the people leading teams and other working groups.

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