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Friday, October 30, 2015

Buy the Product, Not the Sob Story

Speaking Out
Buy the Product, Not the Sob Story
Why sustainable social enterprise has to be more than a pity-inducing sales pitch.
Leah Wise
Nashville-based Magdalene community and Thistle Farms is part rehabilitation center and part social enterprise. The program assists 700 addicted, trafficked, and abused women a year with case management and recovery. After rehab, they can work in the campus' café serving up fair trade tea, or make ethically sourced Thistle Farms bath products. They brought in $1.7 million, selling products in 450 stores, including Kroger and Whole Foods. Even more remarkable: The... continue reading >>

China Scraps One-Child Policy
After population reduced by 400 million, Communist Party ups the legal family size.
Why Presidential Candidates Can't Ignore Black Lives Matter
And neither can Christians.
Movie Review
Why The New 'Feminist' Rom-Com Is a Lie
It's no good to deny that we're both emotional and sexual beings.
The Exchange
Border Crossing: Outreach Carnivals with Diverse Neighbors
Elizabeth Drury stops by the blog to help us understand how to have fall parties with our diverse neighbors in mind.

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