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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

‘House of God refuge, not prison’

Francis cries out for welcoming church: ‘House of God refuge, not prison’
National Catholic Reporter: Pope Francis has again forcefully repeated his call that the Catholic church globally should open its doors to everyone, saying the church sometimes even keeps Jesus “prisoner” in its own institutions and does not let him out into the world.

Love will conquer hate
Baptist News Global: The minute we give in to the fear and violence, hatred and death all around us, we become part of the problem, says the Rev. Amy Butler.

10 reasons why United Methodists should ignore the Republican governors
United Methodist Reporter: The Rev. Wes Magruder offers 10 reasons why United Methodists should ignore the Republican governors' call to remove the welcome mat for Syrian refugees.

What to do about seminary?
BlogHer: What does it mean for seminaries when more and more students are using it as a space for discernment, rather than a space for preparation?

I'm radically pro-life, and not only when it's on the cheap
Religion News Service: Marcia Pally is emphatically pro-life -- which is why she thinks the 2013 Texas abortion regulations are hokum.

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