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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Church involvement varies widely among U.S. Christian

In light of the Paris attacks, is it time to eradicate religion?
Washington Post: If the hope for the world depends on eradication of religion, we should all despair, says Miroslav Volf.

Would Jesus take in Syrian refugees?
Washington Post: For many American Christians, the Paris attacks have revealed a conflict between two priorities: The cause of persecuted Middle Eastern Christians and a hard line on security.

Washington Post: What Americans thought of Jewish refugees on the eve of World War II 

Americans fret about Islam, immigrants, the future -- and each other
Religion News Service: Americans are anxious about Islam, bothered by immigrants and mistrustful across racial lines, finds a new survey by the Public Religion Research Institute.

China accused of trying to ‘co-opt and emasculate’ Christianity
The (London) Guardian: Secretive conference to assess the future of Christianity in China triggers concerns that the Communist party may seek to bring church in line with state agenda.

Church involvement varies widely among U.S. Christians
Pew Research: While most Americans still identify as Christian, there are big differences when it comes to how involved they are with a congregation -- or whether they're involved at all.

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