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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

'What's Wrong with a Hug?'

October 13, 2015    

PARSE / 4 Ways to Become a Pastor

If you wanted to be a pastor a generation ago, the path was fairly predictable. Go to seminary, get ordained, and get placed in a church. How times have changed! Today paths to the pastorate have multiplied. An aspiring pastor might opt for an apprenticeship, pursue an MBA, hone her ministry skills in a "secular" job, or yes, go to seminary. As more people choose different ways to train for ministry, local churches are stepping up to assist in the process. In Locally Grown Pastors Kara Bettis reports:
Many current pastors say that finances, marriage, or unexpected life circumstances have resulted in paths other than the traditional one. But even those who take a "secular" path to the pastorate, by first pursuing non-ministry careers, are deeply shaped by their involvement in the local church.
Read Locally Grown Pastors.

Drew Dyck
Drew Dyck
Drew Dyck
Senior Editor, Leadership Journal


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