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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

We Should Expect Non-Christians to Share Our Morals

Ponder Christian Soldiers
A new web series on the experience of Christian soldiers.
Logan Isaac
What does it mean to be a Christian soldier? Some consider Christian and soldier to be nearly synonymous. Insofar as both the church and the military are engaged in bringing good news, justice, and democracy to the farthest reaches of the globe, the distinction between the two is permeable. To others, "Christian soldier" is an oxymoron. To be one is to violate the requirements of the other. To be a good Christian, I must cease... continue reading >>

Movie Review
Rock the Kasbah
Getting Bill Murray a few laughs is the wrong way to use privilege to broadcast a cultural message.
The Exchange
That Stat That Says Pastors Are All Miserable and Want to Quit (Part 2)
Stop spreading statistics that, if they were right in the first place, are over 20 years old—even the man who did the study agrees!
Speaking Out
We Should Expect Non-Christians to Share Our Morals
Both natural and civil law, as God designed, tell us why.

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