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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Clear your mind and the cash will flow

Survivors of clergy sexual abuse discuss how “Spotlight” portrayed their trauma
Boston Globe: “Spotlight” hits theaters nationwide Nov. 6. In Boston, where the scandal broke, some survivors are anxious about how the movie portrays their story. Even so, many victims hope the film’s release will shine a light on the problem of sexual abuse in the Catholic church.

Saudi blogger Raif Badawi wins EU’s Sakharov rights prize
Reuters: A Jeddah court handed Badawi his sentence in 2012 after he criticized the Saudi clergy in a blog and called for changes in the way religion is practiced in Saudi Arabia.

Catholic theologians ask New York Times to stop letting Ross Douthat write about theology
Think Progress: A group of Catholic theologians published an open letter challenging Douthat. The signers took particular umbrage with his most recent article, but also appeared to decry Douthat’s larger body of work on Catholicism.

Daily Theology: To the editor of the New York Times

Low-tech innovation
Inside Higher Ed: When we restrict the conversation about innovation to technology, whether consciously or not, we lose some possibilities. And we exclude folks who just don’t “do” technology, but who can be engaged in other ways.

Clear your mind and the cash will flow
Comstock’s: Nearly 47 percent of our waking hours is spent thinking about something other than what we’re doing in the moment. Is there any cure? New research, thankfully, suggests an antidote for all this digital dizziness: meditation.

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