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Monday, October 5, 2015

Racial Reconciliation Begins with You

The Christian Case for Not Giving Up on the World's Most Fragile State
Why World Vision and local Christian leaders remain hopeful about South Sudan.
Jeremy Weber in Juba, South Sudan
South Sudan is the kind of place where a sermon anecdote about gunfire draws hearty laughter. The sound of a firearm is such an everyday occurrence that South Sudanese only question whether it came from a pistol, an AK-47, or an M-16... continue reading >>

Roseburg Pastors: 'This Is Our 9/11'
Ministers ask for prayer as they counsel mourners, prepare for funerals.
The Spiritual Gift of Physical Exercise
This is the day the Lord has made. Let us workout and be glad in it.
Movie Review
The Martian
Matt Damon and the whole world take on the Martian elements.
'The Leftovers' Observes a Grief and Moves On
The second season of the post-Rapture HBO drama tries to start over in a new place, but grief chases them down, with echoes of C.S. Lewis.
The Exchange
Contextualization and Interaction Mapping
James Watson, a consultant for Salvation Army Canada, shares about how we might contextualize in culturally-mixed environments.
Racial Reconciliation Begins with You
Let's break down the barriers that divide us.

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