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Monday, October 5, 2015

Billy Graham warns of fire and brimstone in ‘final’ book

Pope tells Synod to be open-minded, cardinal says no to divorced and remarried
National Catholic Reporter: Pope Francis has called on the prelates gathered for his second worldwide meeting of Catholic bishops on family issues to remain open to the call of the Holy Spirit, repeating his frequent assertion that God is a God of surprises.

Crux: Pope Francis faces an uphill climb to get the synod he wants 

Here we go again
Commonweal: Here we go again, with another horrific campus shooting, the predictable postmortem game of blame, grief, evasion and inaction.

Billy Graham warns of fire and brimstone in ‘final’ book
Religion News Service: In his latest book, evangelist Billy Graham declares that non-Christians are doomed to live in a fiery hell, a message his son said he has wanted to share for several years.

Why the religion beat poses unique challenges for some reporters
Columbia Journalism Review: A unique challenge facing many religion reporters involves the need to be in one place as a person of faith, and another as a reporter.

Opposing gay bishops for the sake of church unity is stupid
The (London) Guardian: The Church of England should not worry about gay bishops driving away worshippers -- the current orthodox bench has done that already, says Andrew Brown.

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