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Thursday, October 22, 2015

England’s churches can survive – but the religion will have to go

Treasures on earth: How religion is redistributing the world’s wealth
Christianity Today: Today, the bulk of the world’s wealth resides in majority-Christian countries. But by 2050, the five leading economies are projected to be “one of the most religiously diverse groupings in recent memory,” researchers say.

Pope Francis’ plans for inclusiveness divide bishops
The New York Times: As the bishops face a deadline Saturday to present their report to the pope, it is increasingly clear that Francis is struggling to build consensus for his vision of a more inclusive and decentralized church.

England’s churches can survive – but the religion will have to go
The Guardian: The buildings are beautiful, but too many remain empty. They will regain their focus only if they convert to a communal role.

Inside Singapore's City Harvest megachurch scandal
BBC News: Known for its slick image and wealth-focused brand of Christianity, the church has grown rapidly and is now estimated to have some 30,000 members in Singapore and elsewhere. But on Wednesday, its charismatic pastor and five other church leaders were convicted of fraud in a case worth about $35 million.

Nonprofit-corporate partnerships: A new framework
Stanford Social Innovation Review: Why nonprofits need to engage the private sector, and three steps to achieving more effective collaboration.

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