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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Are Smartphones Making Christianity Too Convenient?

Speaking Out
David Was a Rapist, Abraham Was a Sex Trafficker
What we miss when we downgrade Old Testament abuse stories to sexual peccadilloes.
David T. Lamb
My family and I were driving to the movie theater recently and Game of Thrones came up in our conversation. Having never read the book or seen the HBO show, but figuring reviews and trailers gave me all I needed to know, I pontificated, "Game of Thrones is popular only because it's about sex and violence." To which my son Noah responded, "Sex and violence—sounds like your books, Dad." The reason I write about sex and violence is that the Bible... continue reading >>

Treasures on Earth: How Religion Is Redistributing the World's Wealth
What economic and demographic data suggest about 2050.
Are Smartphones Making Christianity Too Convenient?
When there's an app for everything, practicing my faith doesn't feel like a sacrifice.
Pew: Churchgoers Least Likely to See Science and Religion in Conflict
Survey finds 'surprising number of topics' where faith does not influence views on science.
The Exchange
I Want My Promised Land
We must consider whether or not we have reached the "Promised Land" Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. envisioned.
When Churches Get Burnt by the Offering
Should ministries return stolen donations?
Speaking Out
Not Just Jobs, Not Just Bibles: The Future of Fighting Extreme Poverty
After a generation of massive global progress, aid and mission efforts are pointing the same direction.
Burning Black Churches Rekindle Old Fears
(UPDATED) Arson suspected in spate of six St. Louis church fires in nine days.

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