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Thursday, September 10, 2015

To find the perfect pastor… try a headhunter

Why the wife of a pastor exposed in Ashley Madison hack spoke out after his suicide
Washington Post: New Orleans pastor and seminary professor John Gibson can now be counted among the casualties of the Ashley Madison fiasco, and according to his wife, it illustrates the real and unnecessary human toll.

To find the perfect pastor… try a headhunter
Deseret News: While using executive search firms is a common practice among Fortune 500 companies seeking to fill top positions, it's a fairly recent practice among churches in which prospective pastors aren't supplied through a denomination.

Kim Davis is winning
The Atlantic: The Rowan County Clerk's resistance to the erosion of religious liberty is reenergizing the broader movement.

Starting seminary? How not to screw it up
Christian Century: Adam Copeland of Luther Seminary has some advice for new seminary students.

Jewish beekeepers sweeten New Year, teach wisdom of the hive
Religion News Service: Beekeeping, for many, is both an ecological and religious mission, and the lessons of the hive are all the more crucial to learn this New Year, say Jewish apiarists.

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