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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The joy machine: Stephen Colbert, satire, and faith

Public schools shouldn't preach. But they should teach kids about religion.
Washington Post: If we want kids to understand their world, they need to know the basics about different faith traditions, Linda K. Wertheimer says.

The joy machine: Stephen Colbert, satire, and faith
Religion & Politics: It's no secret that Stephen Colbert's faith is a driving force in his life.

Religion News Service: Stephen Colbert's ‘Late Show’ catechism: the Catholic comic premieres a new interview, too 

How a consumer culture threatens to destroy pastors
Washington Post: In light of survey results on pastors' work life-balance, could we re-imagine some things together for the health of your churches, your families and your own souls?

The wily political strategy of Pope Francis
New York: Counterbalancing his meetings with world leaders is a classic Francis move and a potent embodiment of his global agenda.

Is it OK to use a cellphone in church? Pew surveys the new etiquette
Religion Dispatches: The report offers two insights -- one about religious services, and one about the difficulties of studying etiquette through surveys.

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