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Tuesday, February 3, 2015


New for 2015
Every city and state has its own spiritual profile—a picture of its people's religious views, attitudes and lifestyles.

Cities/States ReportsWith Barna's new Cities and States reports, you can get a view of your area, and gain a greater understanding of the people you're trying to serve.

Each report now contains more than 250 data points, including:
·        Religious affiliation
·        Church attendance
·        Bible engagement
·        Faith habits
·        Demographics

What's new for 2015:
·        Comparative analysis providing a look at your entire region
·        More cities to choose from - 117 cities for 2015, 21 more than last edition
·        More ways to analyze the data – now includes more than 250 data factors
·        Bigger database – More than 60,000 interviews (up from 42,000 last time)
Equip yourself with the nation's most powerful database on faith. Barna's proprietary theolographic® data provides a unique resource for leaders, helping you navigate a changing world more effectively.

Select your city
Select your state

Learn more Read a brief interview with David Kinnaman, president of Barna Group, about how these powerful new reports can be put to use for your organization.

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